The error "Expected a return value in arrow function" occurs when we write a javascript (JS) map method which does not have a return value.


For example, In a React application, the "map" is often used to render components as the return value. Like in this example using parentheses for indicating a direct return call.

previewPosts?.map((post, i) => (
 	<PostCard key={} {...{post, num: i }} />

or like this using brackets with an explicit return call.

previewPosts?.map((post, i) => {
   	return (
  		<PostCard key={} {...{post, num: i }} />

If you are not returning anything using either of these techniques, then the "Expected a return value in arrow function" error will be thrown.


If your intention is just to iterate over a list of items and perform some task without any return value, use the "forEach" method instead. This serves the purpose of iterating over a list and does not require a return value. For example,

let csvData = []
previewPosts?.forEach((item) => {
		"Name": item?.name,
		"Description":  item?.desc,

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